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PACI Kuwait - Check Civil is Status

If you’re having trouble checking your Kuwait civil ID status, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll help you understand everything about Kuwait civil ID status. Just read the entire article, and we’ll clear up any confusion you might have.

Living in Kuwait means your Civil ID is crucial, and you should always have it with you. To check your status, follow these steps:

to Check Quick way click the “Check Button” button.

Visit Official Websites: Go to the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) websites. Once there, enter your ID number again to view your current status.

There are several ways to check your Kuwait Civil ID status:

  1. Online: Visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) websites.
  2. MOI App Kuwait: Use the MOI app for convenient access.
  3. Call MOI Helpline: Reach out to the MOI helpline for assistance.
  4. SMS Service: Check your status via SMS.
  5. Visit Service Centers: Go in person to MOI or PACI service centers.
  6. Civil ID Status Check by Voice Mail: Explore the option of checking via voice mail.

Choose the method that suits you best to stay updated on your Kuwait Civil ID status.

Steps to Check Your Kuwait Civil ID Status on The Ministry of Interior (MOI) webpage:

Visit the MOI Website:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Kuwait.
  2. Navigate to Civil ID Section: Look for the section related to Civil ID services on the MOI website. This is usually found under services or e-services.
  3. Select Civil ID Status Check: Within the Civil ID services section, find the option for “Civil ID Status Check” or a similar phrase.
  4. Enter Your Civil ID Number: Click on the designated area or link to enter your Civil ID number. This is a unique identification number associated with your Civil ID card.

civil id status

  1. Press the “Query” or “Check” Button: After entering your Civil ID number, there should be a button labeled “Query” or “Check.” Click on this button to initiate the status check.
  2. Wait for Results: The system will process your request, and you should see the results of your Civil ID status displayed on the webpage.
  3. Review Your Status: Check for information regarding the current status of your Civil ID. It may indicate whether your ID is valid, expired, or if there are any other relevant details.

Take Note of Details:

If needed, take note of any additional details provided on the webpage, such as the expiration date or any specific instructions. Logout or Close the Browser, once you have obtained the necessary information, it’s a good practice to log out if you created an account or simply close the browser window for security. By following these steps, you can easily check your Kuwait Civil ID status using the Ministry of Interior’s official webpage.

civil id status moi app

Check Your Kuwait Civil ID Status on Your Phone (Easy!)

Wondering about your Civil ID in Kuwait? No sweat! Here’s how to check its status easily using the free “Kuwait Mobile ID” app on your phone:

1. Download the App

  • Search for “Kuwait Mobile ID” on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Download and install it for free.

2. Register Yourself

  • Open the app and choose your language.
  • Enter your mobile number and Civil ID information.
  • Follow the simple steps to complete registration.

3. View Your Civil ID

  • Log in to the app using your password or fingerprint.
  • Bam! You’ll see your “Civil ID card preview” with all the important details like your name, photo, and expiry date.


  • If your physical card isn’t printed yet, don’t worry! The app shows a temporary preview.
  • This app does even more: share your Civil ID electronically and see your vaccination details!


  • Both methods (app and PACI website) are free and need internet.
  • You can also check your Civil ID status on the PACI website.

That’s it! Now you can check your Civil ID status anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.